I have been asked to do a BLOG for my Art and Marketing purposes. Now I am of an age where I am technically challenged and find that I lose a great deal of patience with technical things. My children will swear that I can take down a computer by walking into a room where a computer is located. I also dislike intensely E-mails and Social Media.  Having said that, I am also forward looking and realize that Social Media may have its place in this World’s future and in my small occupied place as a Fine Artist.

As an Artist, I am preparing for an Art Exhibit at Studio Channel Islands Blackboard Gallery with Susan Petty and Scott Miles — we install the show November 1.

I tried to leave myself plenty of time by applying about 9 months ago and I still have about 7 months to go.  I was feeling pretty good until I realized that not 10 new pieces of art did I need but around 16 to 20. Please understand that when I went through finals at college, I actually had to clean my room, do all the laundry, get my hair cut, and write a letter (before email) to all my friends before I could sit down and study for finals.  Consequently, I am silently panicking.  Well maybe not so silent. Also try to maintain a relationship with family and friends and still go to those Art Events (because you want to plus have people  come to yours and still do your art!) . . . needless to say, being an artist I find that most of us are on some level or other people pleasers even though we really aren’t but that is one of the reasons why we went into art because of low self esteem in need of high praise but really want critiques – so go figure.

So albeit creatively passionate creature there is  a realist hiding in  me. I am currently struggling with what I want to do and the possibility of my skills actually being able to do so.  I am finding that my want is greater than my skill . . . UGH!!!