I was told by a very supportive excellent marketing woman that I should be blogging every week – well that has not happened. However,  I shall endeavor to try harder.

 As I work on my paintings for my exhibit in November, 2018, at SCIART, I fall in and out of love with those that I have started. Perhaps i should backup . . . . Is a painting ever finished? I would say no. There was a famous artist, I forget whom, who would go into someone’s house and if he saw one of his paintings hanging he was often restrained from removing the painting to take back to his studio to “fix it”. 

I am of like mind. I do so appreciate my friends and patrons who have and exhibit my work but it is so hard to see it on their walls. It is like revisiting an ex lover. Curious, some excitement and a lot of discomfort . . . for none of my paintings, like my relationships, will ever be perfect.