Roxie Ray

Southern California Contemporary Artist

Southern California Artist

Roxie Ray

Roxie Ray was born and raised in Corona del Mar, California.  She moved to Ventura County in 1983. She began to study art around 1990.  Ray is known for her fieldworker paintings and anatomical figures in water. Her style can be described as Expressionistic.


Water Series

Water carries all life. It is sacred and magical. Without doubt, water is the most important substance on Earth. My paintings pay homage to the intergration of reflections, refractions, and shadows of the anima and animus of water.

Farm Worker Series

I was drawn to portray and create a closer look at the anonymous, yet strangely familiar view of the marginalized farmworker population.

Archived Works

This is a sampling of my sold work throughout the years.

“99 percent of who you are is
invisible and untouchable.”

-R Buckmeinster Fuller

Upcoming Events

Elements: Roxie Ray, Susan Petty, and W. Scott Miles

Roxie Ray, Susan Petty, and W. Scott Miles present their individual representations of the theme of “Elements” in this exhibition of paintings and video installations that explore the intersections of visual abstraction and multimedia explorations. The theme of...

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